President Biden makes an unannounced visit to Ukraine before the one year anniversary of Russia's invasion. / The Associated Press

Vladimir Putin says Russia will suspend its participation in New START, its last remaining nuclear arms control agreement with the United States. / Reuters

Turkey gets hit by two powerful earthquakes, only two weeks after the last pair. / BBC News

After testing a four-day workweek for six months, a large majority of companies participating say they'll stick with it. / The Wall Street Journal

Conspiracy theorists come for the "15-minute city" concept. / WIRED

Terry Eagleton: Conspiracy theories are reactions to a diffuse, conflictive society. / Unherd

Car manufacturers are keeping inventories low and prices high. "The shift to EVs will make things worse." / Bloomberg

Some heavier electric pick-up trucks end up just as polluting as some smaller gas-burning cars. / The New York Times

Nigeria picks a Chinese company over Tesla to build the country's first lithium-processing plant. / rest of world

A rare type of cannabis earns the nickname "diet weed" for making people feel energetic and not hungry. / SF Gate

See also: In the 19th century, Emily Dickinson and other writers were captured by "plant sentience." / Lapham's Quarterly 

Pictures of costumes worn to London's 1930 "Pageant of the Superstitions." / Flashbak

Some Zillow real estate photos capture "dread and unease." / Twitter 

In case you missed it from last week: for next month's Tournament of Books, we're launching a ToB Mascot program, featuring readers' pets! Find out more, then email us if you want to join. / Mailchimp, TMN