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Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: It’s done.

During his impromptu defense of white supremacists yesterday, Trump rhetorically questioned whether statues of slaveholders Washington and Jefferson are next for removal—which was probably inspired by an interview on Fox host Martha MacCallum's show the previous night.

A group of congressional Democrats have asked a Yale School of Medicine psychiatrist to help form a panel to advise on Trump's mental health.

On Twitter, Trump directs accusations of racism toward black people three times as often as he does against whites.

"This is not about the personality of an individual and his or her flaws. This is about men who organized a system of government to maintain a system of slavery and to destroy the American union."

Two important reads from the Columbia Journalism Review show the strong influence local news had on the violence and aftermath in Charlottesville.

"It’s done." After a year of indecision, Baltimore's mayor ordered four Confederate statues hauled away overnight.

Federal court rules Texas's congressional districts intentionally discriminate against minorities, and must be redrawn.

Dept. of Justice demands 1.3 million IP addresses on visitors to a site that helped organize anti-Trump protests.

An interview with the photographer who shot different streets across America named after Dr. Martin Luther King.

Collected reads about Charlottesville, Jefferson, and the grind of fast fashion.

We enter the home stretch of the 2017 Rooster Summer Reading Challenge with the brief, surreal Fever Dream, our final book of the season.

Bolt's dominance drew headlines, but Mo Farah, at semi-retirement, may be greatest track distance runner ever.

Classical ukiyo-e, or “pictures of floating worlds,” come to life as GIFs by Japanese animator Atsuki Segawa.

“The weather, the poor infrastructure, the overpriced and mediocre food scene, the subway system, the traffic, the idea that what you do is who you are…” Novelist and T magazine editor Hanya Yanagihara hates New York City for many reasons.

Ravens prefer tools to treats.

Indiana Jones was a lousy archaeologist by today's standards, but was he lousy for his era? A defense.

Edward Hopper's 1927 "Drug Store" painting is probably the now-location of Three Lives & Co. on Waverly Place.