Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: Sign here to deport your ex-husband.

The girlfriend of the gunman in the Las Vegas shooting was met last night by authorities at Los Angeles International Airport.

After the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Democrats occupied the House floor for a full day. After Vegas, with midterm elections coming up, they're setting their sights lower.

Democrats boycott Republicans' moments of silence for Las Vegas victims as hypocritical pageantry.

“In my state of Connecticut, which has expanded background checks and requires issued handgun permits, gun crimes have dropped by 40 percent.” Senator Chris Murphy, who represented Newtown in Congress in 2012, says the NRA is a hoax machine.

The new normal in news after mass shootings: misinformation from 4chan, Reddit, and Russian propaganda outlets.

“Once again, one side won’t see legislation as the answer, and once again, the other side will be apoplectic that the other won’t help rein in the weapons being used to slaughter their fellow Americans... In fact, multiple polls have shown a large percentage of Americans think the answer is more guns, not fewer.” ​The polling on guns is way more nuanced and complicated than the mainstream media (and liberals) would like to believe.

A Trump crime hotline is being used by racists who just want their immigrant neighbors (or ex-wives) deported.

Forty-eight percent of adults say they have a “great deal” or “some” confidence in the press. Last November: 39%.

Five looks at the week in news out of Africa.

Every day, twice a day, South Korea telephones North Korea. North Korea hasn't answered in more than 18 months.

And here’s an example of how the DPRK sustains itself: Egyptians seize North Korean weapons bound for... Egypt.

Barcelona went on strike—from tourist attractions to schools—to protest police brutality during Sunday's referendum.

The US Supreme Court heard initial arguments yesterday for a major gerrymandering case where Wisconsin Democrats won the popular vote but gained only 39% of seats.

GM and Ford announce a big focus on electric cars, including production of long-awaited hydrogen fuel cells.

An illustrated history of cars sold by trade show models, who can be better informed than auto-industry executives.

Marilyn Monroe didn’t have a choice about appearing nude in Playboy's first issue. She also didn’t elect to spend eternity next to its publisher.

"We didn’t want to just turn everything into iPads and flat screens." How Blade Runner got reimagined for 2049.

After losing ground due to "the Sideways effect," merlot is back.

Meet the award-winning stunt rigger behind Mad Max: Fury Road, who learned his trade climbing trees and mountains.

Thanks to recreational marijuana use going legal in California, there’s now a boom in... government jobs.