Street art, Butte Sainte-Anne. Credit: Charlène.

The FBI stopped a Bowling Green massacre just before it happened.

Richard Schmidt gets out in 2018. Remember him? Despite targeting African-Americans and Jews, he's the guy who wasn't convicted of terrorism, despite his plans, motives, and arsenal.

As a sign of how big our right-wing terrorism blind spot is, Schmidt was only caught because the FBI suspected him of trading counterfeit NFL jerseys.  

Feb 9, 2017

Had he tried before he killed a bunch of worshipers, the Canadian suspect would've been welcomed across our borders. Rather than emboldening the case for Trump's executive order, the Quebec City case destroyed it.

Jamil Smith on the perplexing blind spot in American terror laws. Hint: It's not so perplexing if you consider a context of three centuries of white supremacy.
↩︎ MTV
Feb 9, 2017

Tulsa has been in denial over the fact that people were cruel enough to bomb the black community from the air, in private planes, and that black people were machine-gunned down in the streets. 

In 1921, white terrorists killed hundreds and burned Tulsa's Black Wall Street to the ground.
↩︎ Smithsonian
Feb 9, 2017

The urge to tell their stories, to try to make sense of their paths is natural. What’s wrong is our failure to give equal time, energy, emotional and narrative consideration to the experiences of those figures who are not white and male.

Rebecca Traister on why every suspect deserves the attention given to white terrorists like Dylann Roof, Robert Dear, and James Holmes.
↩︎ New York
Feb 9, 2017
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